Amsterdam Pt.2

Yes, it has been a while since the last post BUT we are back and exam free!!! Even though it has been a while, the Amsterdam memories still remain as clear as the holiday. HOW HAS IT BEEN A MONTH ALREADY??!!!?!

Anyway, lets continue to day two out of three where we started off the day by visiting the Van Gogh Museum. We booked our tickets in advance as we didn’t know how big the queue would be. Turns out the queue was two people waiting however when you walk round the museum, it’s crowded and you cant read most of the information without people’s heads getting in the way. Other than that, the art work and the life stories about him are ones not to be missed. There is soo much to see to as it is covered over three floors of his brilliant work – not to mention the photo station where you take a selfie with his self portrait blown up!

Even though the tour lasted around an hour, we sat down at Museumplein as didn’t have the chance to do it the day before. We only sat for 10 minutes but it was nice to sit down and not worry about what attractions to see next and rush around.

After traveling around Dam Square for a little while, we decided to go on a canal cruise as the weather was lovely and it was one of the main things to do whilst we were away. The views were amazing and you can learn about all of the history through the earphones of the tour guide. The cruise lasted an hour and we got to go through most of the canals and look at the beautiful architecture. You cant come to Amsterdam and not explore the canals – it is one of the best attractions yet even though you are looking at similar architecture, but experience it sat back and relaxing to the water in the canals.

We then stopped for lunch and headed towards the Red Light District to see how far it was to reach from our hotel and the central. We decided to walk there instead of getting the tram which seemed to be a lazy occurrence of ours (even to our nearest nightlife area which is a 5 minute walk). The District was an eye opening experience to say the least however most of the curtains were shut to see anything – not like I was expecting much in the daytime or looking for anything in general! Next, it was onto the alcohol where we pit stopped at a local bar before watching one of the many football matches which I seemed to be dragged into.

Our night time started later than normal as we had the Amsterdam IceBar at 9pm so there wasn’t a rush to get ready. There, you get offered three free drinks and the below zero temperature experience which was actually so FREEZING, like, layer up! Even though we got there abit earlier and waited around longer than the others, the experience was also unclear as they had cocktails in the waiting room (which was a major yes for me) but your bronze token was only for a beer – so basically a Heinken! We could have paid for the cocktails but why would you when you already pay 19 euros for three free drinks?? Another fault in the experience was the drinks inside the cold room. So we now have two drinks left, right? But, these ‘drinks’ were actually shots. I’m not complaining on the idea of shots but it has been advertised as a full drink whether that is a pint of something or even a half. Not only this but you are only in the room for 20 minutes which again was not advertised. Inside was a bit small for the group of us but it was still cool to see how they sculptured a bear out of ice and how you don’t manage to slip.

Afterwards, we went and got food as we were starving! Again what a surprise we got pizza and had a couple drinks. The Rembrandt Square did have a good atmosphere and is definatly a place to go with the lads as it has all of the bars and clubs surrounding. We did go into Smokey’s under recommendation before walking back to our hotel and getting the usual churros on the way back.

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